1. Why another business directory for Bohol? Searching for suppliers and buyers can be extremely frustrating if one relies only on Google and business directories that are just lists of telephone numbers. These just do not provide enough information. Bohol.Info is different. It is a business directory but list owners can put in comprehensive information about their business. Users can review the listings. Businesses with a lot of reviews will normally gain more credibility.

2. Why is there a fee? In order for Bohol.Info to become a preferred online business directory, there will be a massive information campaign around Bohol during launch as well as an on-going placement of billboard ads, newspaper ads, radio ads. The fees collected will be used partly to fund the advertisement of Bohol.Info and pay for salaries of the staff who will ensure the information is as accurate and reliable as possible.

3. I don’t like to pay, can I still get listed? Yes, during the Beta period (March 2013 and onwards until the Beta logo is removed) listing is free. After that new listings will need at least one month listing fee.

4. What happens when my listing expires? For a max of two business days, the listing will be removed from the listing. Our staff will try to contact you and confirm if you still want to continue the subscription. If you prefer not to continue with the subscription, your listing will be put back to claimable status. It will appear back in the search results but you will no longer be able to edit it. You have to claim it again.

5. What do I get out of Bohol.Info if I’m listed? Your company or organization will be included in search results for products and services in Bohol.Info. We are actively marketing Bohol.Info among purchasing officers in retail stores and large organizations. If you want to look for possible customers also for your own business, you may use Bohol.Info as one of your sources of contact numbers.

6. Where did you get our company information? We use publicly available information to generate the data in the listings.

7. Can I request removal of my listing? Yes, you may. You just need to give us proof that you own the business on the listing.

8. Can I rely on Bohol.Info data for emergency situations? Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee 100% availability and 100% accuracy. During emergency situations, it is best that you use the traditional emergency contact numbers like 117 or 038117 on some cellphones.

9. Can I buy from the company listed on Bohol.Info through Bohol.Info office? No, we do not act as agents for any company listed on Bohol.Info.

10. Can I request removal bad reviews? Yes, but only those reviews that are obviously meant to discredit your listing unfairly. Bad reviews are not necessarily bad, especially if you have good reviews as well. As we often say, “We cannot please everyone.” We have staff that monitor reviews and will automatically remove reviews that are not appropriate for the general audience (uses profane language, is a spam or off topic).

11. Why are the numbers not automatically detected on my mobile phone for convenient dialing? Make sure all the digits in your telephone number are joined together by a dash, dot or parenthesis. So something like: (038)501-8459 will be automatically detected by most mobile phones as a telephone number and will allow the user to tap on it to call.

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