How it works

Creating a listing

  1. Login to Bohol.Info. If you have no account yet, you need to register first or you can use the Login with Facebook button on the right menu on the home page.
  2. Search on if your business is already listed.
  3. If yes, then look for the “Claim this listing” button and click it. Our admins will get a notification about your claim request. We will verify via email or phone call before approving the claim and the process can take a week, depending on the volume of requests.
  4. Once the claim is approved, you may now update the information of your listing.
  5. If your business is not yet on Bohol.Info, click ‘Create a listing’ link and follow the instructions. New listings are moderated and it can take a week before your listing will appear on Bohol.Info.

Tips to ensure maximum benefit:

  1. Telephone numbers must be of this format: +63(38)501-7931. If using multiple numbers, separate using a comma. The format is important as the automated data generation for the mobile app expects the telephone number string to be without spaces.
  2. Put your real website URL, Twitter and Facebook accounts and email.
  3. Describe your company, your products and services. Keep it concise. Most users won’t bother to read your listing if the description is too long. You may link to your product listing web page but limit the outgoing links in order to avoid being tagged as spam by our automated checker.
  4. Encourage your friends, customers and employees to post honest reviews about your company and products. The more information about your company and products from other people will help you gain credibility.

On July 23 to 27, 2014, during the Sandugo Trade Fair, visit the Auza.Net/Bohol.Info booth. We have staff on standby to help you with data entry of your business listing.

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