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The Municipality of Loay, like any small town in the Province of Bohol, was first established as a settlement area at the mouth of a river. It was founded by Fr. Juan J. Delgado in 1748, and was aptly named Santisima Trinidad (Holy Trinity).
How the municipality got its name later is not clearly known even by old folks. However, in 1879, the official name of Loay was one of the original thirty-four towns listed in the record books of the Agustinian Recoletos in the province. Originally, the town had a listed population of 8,171 and covered a land area that included the environs of the present municipality of Lila and Alburquerque.
The Municipality of Loay is located eighteen kilometers away from the heart of Tagbilaran City, the capital city of the province of Bohol. It is geographically located in the eastern part of the and is often referred to as the gateway to the interior part of Bohol. It is bounded on the north by the municipality of Loboc on the South by the Mindanao sea, on the East by the municipality of Lila and in the west the municipality of Alburquerque.
Loay is a 5th class municipality in the province of Bohol, Philippines. The municipality has a total area of 4,685 hectares which accounts for 1.14% of the total land area of the province. It is composed of twenty four (24) barangays namely: Agape, Alegria Norte, Alegria Sur, Bonbon, Botoc Occidental, Botoc Oriental, Calvario, Concepcion, Hinawanan, Las Salinas Norte, Las Salinas Sur, Palo, Poblacion Ibabao, Poblacion Ubos, Sagnap, Tambangan, Tangcasan Norte, Tangcasan Sur, Tayong Occidental, Tayong Oriental, Tocdog Dacu, Tocdog Ilaya, Villalimpia, Yanangan, of the twenty four (24) barangays thirteen are coastal barangays and eleven are upland where farming is its main source of livelihood.

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