Municipality of Dimiao

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The municipality of Dimiao, in the Province of Bohol, was an ordinary backward town – silent, sleeping, almost never noticed, almost never heard of.
Come the local elections of 1995, Atty. Sylvia Varquez-Adame, a Bank Executive from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), opted for an early retirement, despite attractive offer from BSP for a higher position, and ran for Municipal Mayor of this town.
Atty. Sylvia Varquez-Adame, was married to retired City Fiscal Aejandrino Real Adame, who is from the town of Valencia, Bohol. Fiscal Lindy retired from service to support his wife’s mayoralty candidacy all the way through.
Ma’m Bel, as she is fondly called by her close friends, actually belongs to a big clan in the town of Loboc, the Varquezes, a clan of well-to-do and influence. Her father, Miguel Varquez, Sr., decided to reside in the town of Dimiao, where she was born, was reared up and started to go to school. Finished college at the Holy Name college, top of her class. She went to Manila and started her government career service at the BSP after passing the bar. She stayed there for thirty (30) long years.
When she won as the Municipal Mayor last 1995, she was obviously a neophyte in politics, but she had the support of the greater masses of the people and the town leaders. During her campaign, she went around the town, met the people, had a house-to-house visit, barangay-to-barangay (her first time to go to the hinter mountains), swore her dedication to public service and made a lot of promises for the development of Dimiao which was rather taken as a common traditional political approach of promises made to be broken, just like all the rest of the trapo politicians who would forget their noble promises once seated in the throne of glory.
For her first six months in power, she negotiated for reconciliation among her constituents and tried to mend the political rift which has brought division due to the just concluded political exercise of the past local election. This was rather surprising for her followers, and especially more of her leaders, because traditionally, once in power, that is the time for vendetta, to drive all political enemies away. But not for this woman. To the contrary, she extended her religious hand for reconciliation and unity believing that a kingdom divided among themselves can never prosper. Her battle cry: UNITY for PROGRESS!
Her call for unity was heeded by those who listened to her, but reluctantly so, as if trying to figure out whether she was sincere, saying that the rest remains to be seen. But she wouldn’t listen to intrigues, she had no time to waste and attend to baseless humor-mongering and unfounded petty quarrels.
She never wasted her time. She started to solicit financial assistance from our senators and congressmen, and other national leaders and officials, all for the development of the town.
After six (6) months, the people witnessed the groundbreaking of her Municipal Hall which was completed in less than two (2) years! The inauguration and blessing was of the grand Municipal Hall of Dimiao, popularly known as the “Malacanang of Bohol” for her majestic beauty and design with high ranking officials witnessing the grand event. But this was rather putting in place the seat of government service, which is the center of political administration and governance, this was a necessity because the old municipal hall was razed in a fire last April 1980 and the local government became a squatter in a small building. This grand municipal building gave back Dimiaonons a home for their government, a pride that automatically gives them a sense of high-esteem and dignity. It was then that the town started to prosper.

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